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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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but there are a lot of other best practices. we are advocating a view to attend the fact that this is a good option when our teachers are providing high-quality education to our students. that is not the only thing that makes a good system. saturday's school is also a very affective tool to offer credit recovery. so is using the excel funds, small class size, after school, a very affective away to utilize current resources to make sure we have quality teachers being able to deliver the course, and
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the reality of his point is we are not meeting the full metine. it is not possible with the resources currently on the table, so you do not escape the reality there needs to be a discussion about the absolute need of resources. we are not asking you to run from peter and paul. we are asking you to look of the fact that certain schools in this district, certain populations are able to access it, whether they have the means or abundant resources to access being on track, whereas other communities do not have that access. we have to pay attention to that. we have to look at fast -- and
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that is what is happening. >> seeing no more public speakers, public speaking is close. just one more thing on special education kids. is there a new change from what they are doing? i am wondering if you have any comment on that. >> i know the special education department has revised so when they have students may have questions to consider during your -- to consider. and this threat of teenagers who anticipate -- directs teenagers who anticipate summer learning loss, and it really relies on knowledge of each individual student to anticipate what happens if a child is not able to participate. it is more specific, but it
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really needs the decision about recommending extended year for each special ed students to the teenager himself. i do know this is specifically a teenager position to recommend. >> i know that legally the district has to meet certain obligations, and even if you do not necessarily think it is appropriate, you cannot necessarily discourage that. >> it is always driven by the teen decision triggered an -- decision. >> mine is minor. >> i was going to suggest we could get some numbers on
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students who participated in summer learning last year. now i think we can also check with special education director. >> i support this in your questioning, but mine superficially relates to the san francisco family task issue, and i am a little concerned about out reach, because i think the digital divide still exist, and there are people who would find out what options are there for them and would want to take the advantage of some of these places, and it would be good at
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some point if some of the family tax and would include a muni pass, so it might be worth it to see if there is funding available, because we are talking about hufamilies who taf this programming, but transportation might be something -- it is certainly worth looking at. i think commissioner maufus and others would -- >> i appreciate you mentioning them unique component, region th -- mentioning the muni compone nt. as i understood, i think it is a
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great place, because i would much rather see those food programs give passes out, so that insurers more children will have access, which means more family members will see it because you are talking about a kid getting from the library. if many more students got it in the lunch program, that would speak to what we are looking for with a free lunch programs throughout the city and better opportunities for the adult family members. >> thank you. i will make sure the director gets the message.
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any other comments? i am wondering if we should revisit this down the road, so if we can have a motion so we can bring it back. the matter will be continued without objection. i want to thank all the members of the public, the teachers, the staff, and of course my colleagues, and we look forward to our next meeting, and we look forward to the secretary of clerk. the meeting is adjourned.
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